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KAA Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd is a Bumiputra status company and was incorporated in 1990 and becoming a leading travel operator in Malaysia is our main objective. As a travel agency, we are registered with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Cultural, Arts & Tourism (Reg. No. KKKP1891). After 19 years of establishment we are proud to say that we are now a full fledged accredited travel agency.

We are a member of the Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA) as well as BUMITRA MALAYSIA.

Being a full fledged agency, we cover every aspect of traveling necessities such as worldwide flight bookings (be it Inbound or Outbound flights in any country) and hotel reservations. Our agency also provides Umrah & Hajj packages for Muslims who wishes to partake in the holy pilgrimage to Mecca. All services related to your travel arrangements can be conducted by us. As a member of The American Express Travel Services Network International (TSNI), we operate with integrity and exceptional expertise to ensure our clients feel respected and special through surpassing and top-notch services.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to perform and deliver excellent quality services to our clients. With this objective, we aim to earn the reputation as Your Preferred Travel Agency.

This is in line with travel industry to cater the nations thrust towards globalization by the year 2020. Since the tourism industry has been a major contributor towards our economic growth in recent years, government efforts and incentive will commensurate a better environment to the industry operators.

Our Success

Through the conspicuous leadership of our founder, the dedication of our managing team, the commitment of our staff and the trust of out clients, we have elevated ourselves to a prominent level of success and development. Due to our exemplary services, we have had the privilege of being awarded the Certification of Professional Standard Compliance (1994) from the International Transportation Association. We are confident that we will flourish to an even greater level and become a key player in the thriving tourism industry in Malaysia and in the Southeast Asian region.


KAA Travel & Tours has won numerous awards as testimony to our professional and specialised services.


MAS - 2004/05 Outstanding Sales Achievement - Gold Award



MAS - 2003/04 Outstanding Sales Achievement - Gold Award



MAS - 2002/03 Outstanding Sales Achievement - Gold Award



MAS - 2001/02 Outstanding Sales Achievement - Diamond Award



MAS - 2000/01 Gold Club

Royal Brunei - Outstanding Sales Contribution



MAS - 1999/2000 Outstanding Sales Achievement - Silver Award



MAS - 1998/99 Outstanding Sales Achievement - Silver Award



MAS - 1997/98 Outstanding Sales Achievement - Gold Award

Royal Jordanian - Golden Certificate



MAS - 1996/97 Outstanding Sales Achievement - Gold Award



MAS - 1995/96 Outstanding Sales Achievement - Gold Award

Royal Jordanian - Golden Certificate



MAS - 1994/95 Mega Million Ringgit Award

Saudi Arabian Airlines - Certificate of Appreciation



American Airlines - Recognition of Exceptional Sales Performance

MAS - 1993/94 Million Ringgit Award 

Royal Jordanian - Golden Certificate



Royal Jordanian - Golden Certificate

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