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Worldwide Ticketing & Hotel Reservations

For your convenience, you can book your flight tickets to any destination or even make hotel reservations worldwide through our ticketing and reservation officers. They would gladly assist in dispensing information or help answer any of your inquiries.

Umrah & Hajj Packages

For all of the years experience that our agency has had, we have noticed a variety of different needs and requirements from our clients. Thus, we are now providing a vast selection of Umrah and Hajj packages to suit your budget and preferences.


For those whos palate leans more towards Malaysian Cuisine-Fret not as our very own Elmona Food & Services will cater for your taste buds be it in Medina, Jeddah or Mecca. Our accredited tour guide shall attend to any inquiries and help with the understanding of the protocol, procedures and rituals required in completing the pilgrimage.


Interested in side trips to witness and experience the splendor of what Islamic countries has to offer? We at KAA Travel & Tours can arrange it for you.

Holiday / Outbound & Inbound Tour Packages

Our outbound tour packages cover all destinations around the world. You can choose to view the historical sites, monuments & famous buildings or enjoy yourself at entertainment/ theme parks. Nature and adventure enthusiasts can explore and experience great activities at the national parks, mountains, beaches and islands. You can also take a cruise, play golf, go shopping or just relax with your family anywhere, anytime. Whatever your preferences are, your tour package will be Tailor Made for you in line with your budget and needs.  To all the newlyweds out there-packages are also offered, making your honeymoon a magical and wonderful experience to remember! To meet the requirements of our corporate clients, universities and governmental agencies, we also arrange overseas tours, meetings and conferences at the designated locations.

Our inbound packages cover all spectacular destinations in our country. To broaden your experience and understanding of Malaysia, you can indulge in our various blend of culture, art and cuisine due to our multiracial community. We can arrange hotel reservations, business meetings & conferences, exhibitions at hotels, companys family day or outdoor activities, coach or car rental and should you want to arrange golf trips with your buddies, we can also arrange it for you.







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